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Infrastructure and Real Estate

In urban infrastructure and construction practice, Jin Mao has always been ranking high within its circle. Jin Mao lawyers have rich experiences in huge infrastructure construction projects by B-O-T (build-operate-transfer) model and B-T (build-transfer) model.

 For decades, Jin Mao lawyers have actively providedthrough legal services for infrastructure projects of oversize scale, such as Shanghai metro, Nanpubridge, Yangpubridge, Shanghai inner ring viaduct, north-south viaduct, Yan'anroad viaduct, Hujia expressway (China's first expressway), Xingsong expressway, the Shanghai sections of Shanghai-Nanjing expressway and of Shanghai-Hangzhou expressway, Shanghai Dalian road tunnel, Shanghai east Fuxingroad tunnel, Shanghai ChongmingYangtse River bridge and tunnel, Eastseabridge, Yangshandeep-water port, the second line of east Yananroad tunnel (BOT), Shanghai south-eastern suburbs ring expressway (BOT), Shanghai Xingfengjin expressway (BOT), Shanghai north suburbs ring expressway (BOT), as well as Ningbo Changhongtunnel(BOT), Qianjiang passageway and linking road projects (BOT), Fenghua’s3 expressways(BT), in Zhejiang province, and the third ring highway project in Kunming, Yunnan province (BT), etc.

Since 1990s, Jin Mao lawyers have been actively performing in advising real estate projects, running through the whole processes of financing, programming, exploration, construction, sale, renting and management of many commercial, administrative andresidential estates.Amongthe real estate projects that Jin Mao advised are a great number of Shanghai’s landmark architectures, such as Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai Stock Exchange Building, State Development Bank Building, Expo Center, City Hall, Bank of China Tower, ICB Building Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, etc. As the legal consultant of many real estate privately offered funds at home and abroad, Jin Mao has been involved in a large number of real estate acquisition and transference projects.